Progressive jackpot

We all know what a  “jackpot” is, there are jackpots in almost all versions of Joker, Lotto, euro lotto etc.

In this post we’ll have a look at the Progressive jackpots offered by online casinos when you play slots or video Poker.

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that can offer players the opportunity to win a life altering amount of money. It’s offered through a slot machine or video poker machine where the value of the jackpot increases by a small amount on each game until a player wins the jackpot.

Multiple machines are linked together to form one large progressive jackpot that grows more quickly because multiple players are contributing to the jackpot at the same time.

The different progressive jackpots are awarded completely at random and are available only in ‘real money mode’.

The amount that the jackpot increases is set by the casino. Usually the house edge is about 5%, so the casino contributes 1% (one fifth of the expected profit) on a jackpot linked machine to attract players. Usually players who wager a certain number of credits (or more) per play qualify to win the jackpot, but all wagers, (whether or not they are maximum credit bets) contribute to the jackpot.

There are games with smaller ‘maximum numbers of credits‘than others but this affects the final jackpot amount. In other words if you choose to play for the BIG jackpots be prepared to spend more money, the choice is yours but remember to play sensibly

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Roulette Systems and Money Management

For all that has been written about roulette systems, long-term success in the game means looking after three priorities:

1. Managing your money.

2. Managing your money.

3. Managing your money.

We could add a fourth and a fifth priority as well, but we hope you’re getting the idea. Whether we’re talking about a tanked-up off-tilt gambling spree, or a calmly placed sequence of bets that, quite simply, are too big for our bank, it amounts to the same thing – if you’re out of money, you’re out of the game.

But How Much is Too Much?

roulettetable1How do you know how much you could comfortably afford to lose? Well, think very hard about the maximum amount you think you’d be happy losing in one night. Be as honest as you can. Now take that figure, and halve it, and you’ll be somewhere close to your real losing figure. The ideal sum will be large enough to have some impact on you, but not so large that you’ll feel worried about having lost it.

Now try and repeat this exercise for weekly and monthly losses, and you’ll have some idea of the amount you could acceptably kiss goodbye to. This decision will have to take in how many days a week you think you might want to spend gambling, and how long each session is likely to last. You’ll really want to be able to split the monthly amount into ‘daily pots’.

How many of these pots you allow will be partially decided by how often you’ll be gambling.

Clearly, if you have one session every Friday night, you’ll be allocating a larger amount of your monthly allowance to each daily pot than if you were looking to play four or five times a week.

For the best results, you should be setting aside a portion of your salary every month. See this as money you can afford to lose. Hopefully you’ll make it last over the month. If you don’t, though, that’s no problem – your money will be replenished when you get your next pay-cheque, so you’ve just got to wait until then before you can resume your gambling career.

If you’re playing online, try and set deposit limits so that you won’t be able to add to your losses if you’re finished before the end of the month. Some people will see deposit limits as a sign of weakness. In truth, many of us need mechanical safety devices to keep our worst impulses at bay. And when your urge to immediately refund your account is thwarted, it won’t be long before you’ll be glad you imposed restraints.

Increasing Bets Safely

If you start to realise success, you can increase your bet size. For example, you may start off with a £250 bank which you then divide into ten daily pots of £25. Win the equivalent of six daily pots (or £150), and your new £400 bank can be redivided so as to allow for both increased bets, and lower risk. We would recommend increasing the number of daily pots from 10 to 12. That still leaves a remaining £100 from your new £400 bank, and that money will allow you to double your daily pot (to £50) for the first four of those 12 pots.

Of course, this depends on how consistent your system is. The more often you lose your daily pot, the more pots you’ll want your total bank divided into – and the more pots-worth you’ll need to win before increasing your bet size. However, the aim should always be to both build up bet-size and allow for longer sequences of losses. The more success you have, the more you need to be cutting your risk levels. If you simply increase the bet-size while only allowing for the same number of losses in a row, you could be setting yourself up for a fall –  you’re likely to hit a rough sequence of results at some point. When that moment comes, you want it to be only a minor setback, rather than a catastrophic event that lays waste to your entire bank, wiping out months of work.

Integrating Money Management with a System

Money management, though, can only get you so far psychologically. True success won’t come until you find a system that you have genuine confidence in. You’ll also need to make your bet-size fit in with your system. If you’re trying a progressive system, like Martingales, you’ll need to ensure that your starting bet won’t result in your entire daily pot being wiped out after a sequence of three or four straight losses. Work out on paper how much you’ll lose with each successive bet. You can calculate the running losses by doubling the most recent loss, and subtracting the original bet from the total – if you started betting £2 a time, after three straight losses, your most recent bet would have been £8 – double this (£16) and subtract the original £2 stake, and you’ll have built up total losses of £14.

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Roulette – From Double-Zero to Hero

Roulette is a simple game, and in the long term, there isn’t a great deal you can do to transform your chances of winning. Perhaps the most crucial factor, though, is whether you play a French-style (or European-style) wheel, or an American-style one. The main difference is in the number of zero squares. A ‘zero’ square is one where the bettor can never win – whether red or black, odd or even, one or 36, they’ll lose if the ball lands on a green zero or double-zero square. It’s this square that effectively gives the casino its profits.

European- and French-style table with one zero square

European- and French-style table with one zero square

The French/European tables have a single zero square, which means the casino wins 2.7% of the time. The American tables, however, have not just a single zero, but also a double-zero square. This almost doubles their edge, and gives American casinos a win 5.26% of the time. So, if you want to have the best chance of winning, you need to sit down at a French or European-style table, where you’ll only have one zero square to contend with. It’s often assumed that European tables have always had the single zero, and that the double zero was later introduced by American casinos in order to make more money. But while there’s a degree of truth in that theory, it seems that the double zero was built into roulette wheels right from the beginning.

Blaise of Glory

roulette dealerThe origins of roulette are slightly obscure. We know that the idea of an automatically spinning wheel was inadvertently created by mathematician Blaise Pascal, while he was trying to design a perpetual motion machine. However, his creation was rather primitive, and while we’ve retained the name – ‘roulette’ means ‘little wheel’ – the modern device has less to do with Pascal’s invention, and more to do with various other games that developed over the next century. Its biggest influences were probably the English ‘E-O’ and Italian ‘Hoca’ games, both of which used a rotating wheel. E-O’s wheel had forty-two different sections, two of which counted as ‘casino’ wins. Hoca was even more heavily skewed in the house’s favour, with three of its forty sections marked as casino wins.

The modern roulette wheel seems to have been developed from these two games, so it’s perhaps no surprise that early casinos retained the idea of having two ‘zero’ squares.

Enter the Single Zero

In fact, it wasn’t until the 1840s that we got the single zero. Many of the early casinos were based around spas, with games like roulette seen as enjoyable pursuits for the monied classes to engage in while recovering from an illness. Francois and Louis Blanc, in charge of the casino at Bad-Homburg, were tasked with the job of making it more popular than its competitors. So they introduced a table with a single zero, and in one fell swoop halved the casino’s ‘take’. This may have seemed like an expensive move, but since it brought in huge numbers of extra customers, many of whom were intent on taking advantage of the more profitable gaming conditions, the drop to the single zero proved a very smart move for Bad-Homburg.

Unfortunately, in the 1860s gambling was banned in many parts of Germany, and the Blanc Brothers were out of a job. However, Maria Caroline, consort of the Prince of Monaco, was looking to revitalise the Monte Carlo casino and bring in extra funds. She employed Louis Blanc, and he instantly repeated his earlier trick, bringing in a single zero to make his casino more distinctive. Again, crowds poured in, attracted by the apparently higher takings. With huge amounts of money available to make Monte Carlo as decadent and inviting as possible, Blanc soon made his casino synonymous with roulette. Given the popularity, casinos across Europe started copying the single zero, and that’s why it has become a fixture across European casinos today.

Of Eagles and Double-Zeroes

american-roulette-table1The independence and growing success of America fitted in nicely with the terror of the French Revolution, and the end of the 18th century saw huge numbers of the French sweeping across the USA. One of the things they brought with them was a love of roulette, and the game quickly became a big financial success. However, without the tactics of the Blancs to contend with, the US houses were content to stick with the original double-zero design. In fact, American casinos in pursuit of riches went one further, introducing an ‘Eagle’ square that would increase the house edge further still. This idea was later dropped as casinos looked to attract more customers, but the idea of single-zero roulette has rarely been attempted by US casinos.

The Green Revolution

Nowadays, the zero squares are easily distinguishable through their ‘green’ colour – setting them in contrast to the otherwise red and black squares. But it wasn’t always thus. The Zero and Double-Zero squares on those very first European tables were actually given names like Pair/Impaire or Manque/Passe, and were coloured red or black, just like the other squares. These squares often confused players, though. So, to avoid angry players claiming they had been cheated, the ‘house’ squares started to be coloured in a light green. This made it immediately obvious that the ball had landed on one of the house squares. This move towards green is mostly attributed to American casinos, although there are a few early wheels in Europe that also seem to use green