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Do you feel like dancing with the devil and taking a spin on the roulette wheel? I don’t blame you! Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games in the world and has enchanted gamblers for centuries. Sparking songs, films, books, and more- it has become a cult classic and a firm favourite in any self-respecting online casino. Now this is all very well and good, but what if you are looking for something new? Something exciting and a bit different from cards, spins, and dice? Well my friend, you are in luck because with Coral free bet review, you can get the lowdown on sports betting- the new big trend in online gambling! If you are looking for a new thrill, why not consider this as a welcome change, and a great way to combine a love of sport, with a love of winning money!

Coral is a well-known brand with its roots in the British highstreets. Nowadays, with 80% of adults carrying a smartphone, and connectivity to the internet wherever we go, it is no surprise that there has been a dramatic shift from highstreet bookies to online gambling. Coral are professionals in this area and have been making odds and changing people’s lives for years and with a huge range of sports and markets on offer, you can pretty much bet on absolutely anything you fancy!

You can take your pick from all the big horse racing events such as Ascot and The Cheltenham Cup, cycling, darts, F1, golf, greyhounds, cricket, boxing, MMA, American Football, real football, rugby, hockey, basketball, the Olympics, futsal, handball, snooker, tennis, and even badminton. With so much to choose from it can almost be tempting to have a go at everything, but pick your sport wisely and if you are a beginner, start with something you know a little bit about!

Coral even offer punters the opportunity to bet on things that are not sports related. For example, politics (people won millions when Trump was elected!), reality television, general news, and pretty much anything you can imagine!

After years of great customer service, they know that they must keep it up, even in the online world and they do this by offering a great range of generous free bets when you sign up to their site. This shows that they like to put the customer first, and give first time punters a little leg up to help them get a feel for things. As well as free bets, they also offer tips, advice and some of the best odds we have seen, to offer punters a comprehensive and exhilarating gambling experience.

All you need to do is pick a sport, pick a favourite, and place your bets because sports betting is here to stay and you could win big!


4 Tips to Improve Your Roulette at a Live Casino

Do you believe it’s possible to give the casino a run for its money on a game of roulette? Despite many critics, professional roulette players do exist and as their job title suggests, they make a living from winnings from roulette, whether at a brick-and-mortar casino or a live casino online.

We recently interviewed a professional roulette player and here are his tips to help you follow in his footsteps:

  1. Know the Wheel

It goes without saying but plenty of gamblers still head down to a casino without taking the time to understand the games they are playing. It’s a classic way to be a loser. Whilst roulette is a well-known game and seems simple enough, there is so much more than betting on red or black, odds or evens…

Learn about covering a variety of numbers to increase your chances of winning and increase the amount of winnings each time. Remember, landing a single number is a much bigger payout that the evens you get for placing your chips on black.

  1. Look at the Strategies

Chance can have a big say between winning and losing in most casino games. Roulette is no exception to this. If you’re placing random bets, winning and losing is entirely based on chance for you.

This doesn’t have to be the case. If you take your time to read strategies you can carefully plan your bets to increase both the chances of winning and the chance of you winning big.

  1. Set Yourself a Budget

If you’re losing and your losses are adding up, stop playing, roulette is not for you. If you put it down to a lack of experience or not being comfortable with the new strategies you have read about – you should be mastering these in free games before you start playing for real money.

When you are ready to play at a live casino online or in person, set yourself a budget. Never play for more than you can afford to lose.

  1. Know When to Take a Break

Playing live casinos at hours on end can leave to you becoming tired or dropping your focus, regardless of whether you’re winning or losing. Know when to take a break – whether it’s a 15-minute walk or just to give your eyes and mind a break. To win at online casinos you need to remain focussed and this is not something you can do if you don’t give your body a chance to refresh.

Going for a Spin: A beginner’s guide to online roulette

One of the most popular casino games on the planet, roulette boasts a universal appeal like no other. Much more than a simple game of chance, it combines remarkably straightforward rules with a unique sense of glamour and excitement – a winning combination by all accounts. Interestingly enough, the roulette wheel was never intended to be a form of entertainment when it was first created way back in the 17th century. As you might guess from the name, it was a famed French mathematician, Blaise Pascal, who invented the contraption while working on ideas for a perpetual-motion machine. Even though his original hypothesis failed quite badly, Pascal soon realised the potential for his wheel as a game of chance, odds and statistics.


(CC BY-SA 2.0) by clry2

Fast forward to the modern day and roulette is just as integral to the gaming landscape as ever – particularly online. In fact, online roulette has proven a key contributor to the exponential growth of the iGaming industry over the past decade, and which is forecasted to reach a market value of £45 billion by 2020. With more online operators popping up every year, it’s easier than ever to get involved in the action yourself, but before you do it’s worth taking some time to gen up on these top tips…

Know your wheel

The main piece of apparatus you need to understand is the wheel itself (bonus point: roulette is French for ‘little wheel’). In the United Kingdom and most of Europe, roulette wheels have 37 pockets as standard: 18 red numbers, 18 black numbers and a zero. However, in the United States, roulette wheels tend to have 38 pockets: 18 red numbers, 18 black numbers, a zero and an additional ‘double zero’. This ultimately means that the European version of the game offers slightly better odds than its American counterpart – a key consideration if you’re looking to decrease the house edge as much as possible.



(CC BY-SA 2.0) by stoneflower

Get familiar with ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ betting

These are two common terms that you’re likely to come across when playing online roulette. In short, outside bets offer much better odds of winning, but with the promise of a lower overall payout; inside bets are the opposite in that the chance of winning is a lot slimmer, with a much larger payout. A few classic examples of an outside bet are ‘red or black’, ‘odd or even’, ‘1 to 18’ or ‘1 to 36’ – all of which offer a payout value of 1/1.

For inside bets, you can bet ‘straight up’ on a single number which, at 35/1, offers the longest odds of winning in a game of roulette. Players can also ‘split’ two numbers next to each other (e.g. 22, 23) or place a ‘street’ bet on three consecutive numbers (e.g. 22, 23, 24). It’s well worth taking a quick look at a breakdown of all available odds before going for your first spin…

Check out the variations of gameplay

In a bid to stand out from the crowd, more and more online casino operators are starting to mix up the classic roulette gameplay with their own innovative twist. This could be anything from multi-wheel betting to creative hybrids that meld together different elements of several classic casino games. Some casino sites have also invested heavily in ‘live dealer roulette’. Live casino roulette at William Hill, for example, allows players to log in and join a table at a real casino and watch the game via a live video link. It’s hard to get closer to the action than that from the comfort of your own sofa.

Once you’ve found the perfect roulette provider for you, you’re ready to go! Keep those all-important odds in mind and think strategically when laying down your chips. And, as always, just remember online roulette is more of a marathon than a sprint.

Roulette – There’s More To It Than You Thought

Roulette is probably the most iconic of casino games. It brings with it connotations of suave sophistication, chic, rich casinos and beautiful people playing beautiful games. And perhaps some of the time that’s the absolute truth. Other times it’s just a fun game to play, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re playing in Biarritz or Birmingham, the outcome is still the same – the odds won’t be changing.

The best way to find out about roulette is to play it. Go online and try your own luck at the different roulette games you can find there. Getting in the practice here means you can go into any casino anywhere with confidence, knowing exactly what roulette games you might find, and how to play them.

To give you an idea before you start though, we’ve detailed the main differences here

European roulette is the roulette that most people think of when you mention the name to them. The wheel has the numbers 0 to 36 placed around the edge (there is no additional 00 wedge here – that’s only used in American roulette) and when the wheel is spun, a little ball travels with it, whizzing around the edge until it eventually stops. Depending on where it stops and what you’ve bet, you might win something.

American roulette is a game that everyone knows. Or rather, everyone thinks they know. The problem is, a lot of the time they are getting it confused with European roulette which, although very similar, isn’t quite the same. American roulette is played on a wheel with the number 0 to 36 on it, plus an extra 00, and it is this 00 figure that is the main difference between European and American roulette – European roulette doesn’t have that extra set of digits.

The odds of winning a wager in American roulette depend on the kind of game you are playing, as there are various different bets that can be placed on the ball as it spins around the wheel.

Bingo on Black 22!


Developed in the 18th century in France, roulette is a game of chance whose playing field is a small, wooden wheel with 37 (or 38 in America) “pockets”, numbered the digits 0 through 36 (with roulette wheels in America including a 00 pocket).

First, players place their bets, on either one or multiple pockets. The house representative spins the wheel, then spins a small white ball in the opposite direction. Once the ball loses momentum and eventually settles into one of the pockets, whoever bet on that pocket is given their winnings, and the cycles starts again.

Roulette became one of the top casino games in the 19th century, when it exploded across America and Europe.


The historical game that most closely resembles bingo is the French Le Lotto, from the late 18th century.

Bingo was only standardized in the early 1920s, when the form and rules of the game were solidified by Hugh J. Ward. Ward put the game in carnivals and the like in the areas around Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh.

A man by the name of Edward Lowe eventually brought the game – then called Beano – to New York, and from there is spread across the United States.

Similarities Between the Two

Being games of chance, what really brings both roulette and bingo to life is the social atmosphere that they provide. The format of the games means that the competition between the players is not direct competition, like in traditional sports, but rather an indirect form of competition. In bingo jackpot games as well as roulette, all the players involved are essentially competing against the house, and thus a sort of camaraderie coalesces.

Whereas in a traditional sport like football, two teams are competing directly against one another – one team scoring means that the other team’s defense wasn’t up to the task of stopping them, and this can lead to some animosity between teams.

In roulette and bingo, nothing that happens in the game is personal. One person winning off betting black 22 did not affect the other’s bet of red 11, as the result would have been the same for that second person regardless of the first individual’s bet. In bingo, when one person fills in a square, that doesn’t mean that everyone else failed in some way – others might even have filled in the same square that turn!

This relaxed accepting mindset is part of what makes these two games so enjoyable – they both promote an environment where everyone can win, and all of the players are in it together.

Of course, in all social situations, how enjoyable a time you have is determined by the people you are with, and this is true of both roulette and bingo as well. As long as everyone involved understands the game, the emergent camaraderie and good spirits will ensure that your evening is a pleasant one. So whether you’re playing roulette or bingo, remember – you’re all in it together, so go all in and enjoy yourself.