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Roulette Types And Variations

Roulette is and has been one of the most popular casinos games for centuries. Its a game that never gets old as its exciting and unpredictable! In order to play roulette you need to learn some basic rules which you can find on our homepage, its one of the easiest games to pick up and start playing. Unlike any other casino games roulette is mainly a game of luck, however there are also certain tips and strategies you could follow in order to improve your odds. Throughout the years due to the popularity of the game certain variations of the game were created in different parts of the world, this has confused a lot of beginners so we decided to do a post and demystify the complexity of these variations!

There are three types of roulette: European, which is by far the most popular version of the game and also French and American. The differences are explained below:

European Roulette

European roulette is the most common variation and its played at landbased and online casinos throughout the world. When playing European roulette the house edge is 2,63% and compared to American roulette which is not as popular its has 37 numbers on the roulette wheel (0 to 37) and one zero which is marked in green. You need be careful and not confuse European roulette with French roulette, many players do this because both variations have the single “0” in common. Many players choose to play European roulette over american roulette due to the low house edge and generally at most online casinos you will find a European version as well as an additional American version.

French Roulette

Many believe that France was the origin of roulette, and even the name itself is french  and means “wheel”.  The original version of the game had a wheel with 36 numbers from 1 to 36 however throughout the years a additional single 0 was added to the wheel which increased the total of numbers on the wheel to 37. Compared to European and American roulette, the French version has the lowest house edge of 1.35% and its quite similar to the European version which also has a single 0. The main difference is spotted with the special “La Partage” rule which means if you place a bet on low/high, red/black, even/odd and the ball lands on zero you get half of your bet back. Another very similar rule to “La Partage” is the “En Prison” which essentially works the same way however if the balls lands on zero your initial bet is placed “ in prison” and if you get your money back if you get the bet right in the next spin. For example if you put £50 on red and the ball lands on zero that £50 is held until your next spin, if the balls lands on red you get the £50 back. The rules are responsible for reducing the house edge majorly and therefore this variation is not very common in casinos.

American Roulette

Roulette came to the United States in the 18th century and had many different variations until the Americans decided to stick with one version of roulette. American roulette in not as common as European roulette,  it can be played mainly at land based casinos in the States and also RNG versions of the game are available from certain online casinos. This variation is very similar to European roulette with one additional difference which doubles the house edge! American roulette has a double zero (00) and also the numbers on the table are placed in a certain order. Generally most players avoid this variation as their chances of winning are reduced, this game is mainly popular at land based casinos is the States.

Top 20 Roulette Tips That Could Improve Your Chances Of Winning

Roulette is a game of luck and we believe that the outcome cannot be predicted even if you are an advanced player that has good knowledge of the game and has tried using strategies in the past.

photo of a roulette wheel

Although each spin is an independent event there are some tips that could potentially help you increase you chances of winning and at the same time keep you on the safe side by not losing too much money. So we have put together 20 must-read tips that you could apply next time you are in the casino or playing online… enjoy!

1) If you want to use a strategy make sure you do some research online first. Some sites offer strategies and systems for a price but I would avoid them. If you just type in “roulette stategies” in your search engine you can find thousands of pages with relevant information all for free.

2) In order to increase your chances of winning try betting on red or black, low or high, even/odd etc

3) One of my favourite tips is basically observation of the numbers that come up before I bet. For example if red keeps coming up all the time in a row I would choose to bet on black. If you master this strategy and have a good a memory then you could potentially increase your chances of winning! Remember though that each spin is independent, just because red has been coming up 10 times in a row it doesn’t mean that the outcome of the next spin is going to be black.

4) Here’s a tip that we have mentioned in the past, if you are a begginer and want to play roulette for money you should try and get some experience of a free/demo version of the game first before you deposit any money. Most online casinos offer a free version of the game for you to practise.

5) You need to know when to stop, for example if you have won £300 for the day and made quite a good profit you could stop there and withdraw your winnings even if it’s tempting to go on and continue playing. You should also ensure that you have separate gambling budget aside.

6)  Stick to European roulette if you can and avoid the US version as the European one has better odds.

7) Always stick to live casinos that offer a live dealer version of the game and avoid random number generator versions of roulette as they are not trusted. The main advantage of  playing at live casinos is that you can see everything that’s going on and you are playing against a real dealer not a program that generates numbers. I’m not saying that all RNG versions of roulette are not trusted but in the end you don’t have any knowledge about the algorithm used to generate those numbers, so stick to live casinos.

8) If you are losing do not try and win back lost money as you could probably end up losing more.

9) If you are losing money and your game is not going very well maybe you could try playing at another table

10) Avoid betting large amounts of cash, start off with small bets and if you use the right strategy you could play for longer and increase your chances of winning or losing less money

11) If you are playing online make sure you are playing at an established casino, avoid signing up to a casino you haven’t heard of before or research forums to see what the community has to say about that casino.

12) If you win and for example double the amount your deposited, a good idea is to withdraw your profits and continue betting with the original amount you deposited.

13) Alcohol and roulette don’t go well together if you are trying to make money!

14) When playing roulette don’t get distracted by what everyone else is doing even if they are winning, focus on your game and monitor the sequence of the numbers that come up.

15) When playing roulette with real money it’s advised to set a limit to the amount of money you are willing to spend and make sure you don’t go over that limit.

16) There is a lot of false and inaccurate information out there so you should avoid any strategies that promise success in this game, remember that roulette is a game of luck.

17) Before you deposit make sure you have done a bit of research first as when it comes to special rules like “surrender” you can utilize these rules and increase you chances of winning.

18) Make sure you place your bets as soon as possible, before the wheel starts spinning

19) Beware of roulette systems, most of them do not work as each spin is independent and the outcome will not be relevant to the previous spin

20) Enjoy the experience and don’t get angry if you lose, like any game sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, if you follow all the tips mentioned above you will be fine!

Roulette Stories(2): Famous Roulette Bets Part 2

Joseph Jaggers

The two previous stories we mentioned in part 1 were more recent so we decided to go way back and tell you the story of a man called Joseph Jaggers.

Joseph Jaggers was an engineer who later on became famous with the name “the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo”. Rumour has it that in 1873 Joseph started studying the behavior of the roulette wheel to find out whether the outcome and results were fixed and different in every casino or completely random. In order to look into this further Joseph hired 6 people over a few days and gave them the task to monitor the roulette wheel and record all results for all 6 of the roulette wheels in the casino. When he analysed the results he came to the conclusion that some of the numbers on one of the wheels in the casino appeared more often. The other five roulette wheels had a random outcome of results while with the 6th wheel instances of the same numbers and results were reoccurring. Having discovered that loophole and possible mechanical malfunction that resulted in delivering a specific outcome of numbers more often, Joseph decided to take advantage of that.  With that knowledge he started playing at the casino and in the first day he managed to win a huge amount of money. The casino started moving the wheels around and eventually after a few winning streaks they made adjustments to the wheels in order to confuse Francis which in the end made him lose some of his money. Although Joseph won and lost at the casino overall he managed to walk away with 2 million francs in earnings (over 3 million British pounds today), which completely destroyed the casino hence, the nickname “the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo”.

Charles Deville Wells

Charles Well was a well know gambler that labelled himself an “ inventor” in order to get investments that he spent on gambling. He was born in 1841 and similarly to Joseph Jaggers he is also known as one of the men who “broke the bank at Monte Carlo”. Charles came up with the idea of the “musical jump rope” which he then used to create fictional stories and persuade rich people to invest in his inventions.  He was confident and very good at selling himself to creditors in order to get their money.

In 1891 Well’s had secured all the cash he needed from the fake “musical jump rope” invention. With £4000 he headed to the Monte Carlo casino for an eleven-hour roulette session that resulted in him winning 1 million francs which is an extraordinary amount in this day and age. Rumour has it that during that long session Charles managed to win 23 times out of 30 spins.

Well’s left the casino with 1 million francs and returned the same year, this time for a three-day session during which he won another 1 million francs.

Although Charles Wells was a scammer with his inventions that didn’t even exist he actually played a fair game at the casinos. Monte Carlo monitored his actions very closely and even hired detectives in order to find out  how he was “breaking the bank”, his strategy and the possible loophole he was using to cheat. In the end they couldn’t find anything, after looking at everything they didn’t have any solid evidence that he was cheating. He admitted that he used the martingale system and was doubling his bets, he also stated that his was just extremely lucky.

Although Charles Well’s was very lucky at roulette he ended up participating in a number of fraudulent activities and ended up in jail

Roulette Stories: Famous Roulette Bets

We have heard some crazy stories over the past few years about legendary players that took massive risks on the roulette table and made big bucks! It does take a lot of guts to spend loads of cash playing roulette however it does pay off sometimes! Here’s a few people that made headlines by betting everything they had on a single spin!

Chris Boyd

Legend has it that Chris Boyd, a 40 year old software developer from the UK saved up $220.000 over 3 years and decided to gamble it all in Las Vegas. According to my sources this wasn’t someone who was wealthy and had  money to burn, he was just a normal hard working individual with massive balls of steel!

Chris decided to travel to Las Vegas and look for a casino to place his bets, his first stop was Caesars Palace, a very popular destination and tourist attraction. However once he got there he was declined by the casino as his request was to bet it all in one spin!  He then got sent to Binion’s Horseshoe Club. The Horseshoe club at that stage has a minimum limit of $100.000 on red or black bets however the club was more flexible to Chris Boyds requirements. Once Boyd has discussed and agreed his requirements with the casino he placed his bet ($220.000) after a few practise rounds and the ball landed on red 7. He had just doubled his money. To this day this is one of the most popular success stories in the world of roulette. Although Chris was extremely lucky he didn’t decided to go on which is quite an important lesson, instead he requested that his money should get securely locked up and decided not to gamble ever again. I don’t know about you but I can think loads of great things to do with $440.000!

Ashley Revell

In 2004 Ashley Revell, a 32 year old pro gambler also from the UK decided to place a very similar bet on the roulette table to Chris Boyds bet. He saved up and sold everything he had in order to gather as much money as possible and bet it all on one spin at a roulette table in Las Vegas. When he did this it generated quite a lot of attention from the media, reporters were actually present when the bet took place and it can all be seen via the youtube clip below.

Even his parents decided to go along with him to Las Vegas even though they thought it was a terrible idea for their son to bet his life savings of $135.000 and gamble away everything. Ashley bet everything he had on one single spin and a few moments later he had done it! He doubled his money! This was one of the most successful and popular roulette winnings in history as it was televised and talked about by the media which resulted in instant fame for Ashley Revell.

Unlike a lot of players who would have continued after a winning streak and lost everything, Ashley decided to not go on and walked away with $270.600 after tipping the dealer $600. When he returned to the UK he put that cash to good use and set up his own poker site.

We will talk about more crazy roulette stories and famous roulette bets in part 2!