Roulette Strategy

Roulette is by far the oldest and most popular casino game of chance. The game consists of a betting table layout with numbers from 1 to 36 and a zero (including a double zero in the American version), spinning wheel and a small ball that is dropped into the wheel. It eventually lands on a numbered slot and that number is the winner. Winning bets are paid according to the type and size of bet.

Roulette has many variants nowadays and the most popular ones are European, American and French Roulette. To beat the game and make money, many players have tried different roulette strategies with varying outcomes. A closer preview might provide enough insight to gain advantage for your next spin

Number Placement

To many roulette players, the arrangement of the numbers on the spinning wheel seems random and distributed arbitrary. Obvious patterns are that red numbers alternate with black numbers and often two odd numbers alternate with two even ones. However, numbers are carefully distributed so that the sum of a given section of the wheel is more or less equal to any other section. Therefore, some people believe that placing bets on certain sections on the wheel will favor the player, but without a guarantee for success.

Wheel Tracking

Other players believe that the roulette wheel is biased and has one heavy and one light side. In other words, some numbers on the wheel are hit more frequently than others and that careful tracking can provide a winning strategy. The truth is that roulette wheels are rigorously tested for their weight and their RNG. Most sites, including CasinoUK, place these facts out in the open to avoid such allegations in order to retain their reputation.

Roulette Betting Systems

There are also a couple of roulette betting systems believed to help gamblers win. The oldest and most popular one is the Martingale in which the initial bet is doubled until there is a win; then you go back to the original bet. Reverse Martingale is another progressive roulette betting strategy which is basically just a reverse version of the first one. Another interesting strategy originated from the Italian mathematician known as Fibonacci, who set up an interesting sequence of numbers. Following it, you are predicted to profit even though you’ve lost more times than you’ve won.

The James Bond Strategy

To pay respect to a cinematic gambling enthusiast, the James Bond strategy also found its spot on our list. Understandably so, it was invented by someone other than the fictional character. More precisely, his creator, Mr. Fleming is the brains behind it all. He employs his so-called “foolproff” system which demands $200 as a starting bet. Mr. Fleming recommends splitting them into three parts, putting $140 on high numbers, $50 on numbers 13-18 and the remaining $10 on 0. This way, he leaves out just one third of the wheel and ultimately hopes for a little luck to up his chances of winning

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