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European Roulette is a wonderful game of chance and major excitement – it consists of a Roulette wheel and table with the wheel having numbered pockets ranging from 0 to 36. The major aim of Roulette is for the player to accurately predict where the ball stops on the wheel. After players have put their bets on the table, a little ball is released on to the spinning wheel and after a short time it stops in one of the numbered pockets of the Roulette wheel.

It is important to have a basic understanding before you play, of the way the game works:

1) Players place their bets on the table

2) A small ball is let loose on to the spinning Roulette wheel

3) The ball stops in one of the numbered pockets of the Roulette wheel

4) Payouts are given to players whose predictions are accurate

Take note that bets can be divided into 2 main segments:

1) Inside Bets

You place your bet on any number on the table from 00-36. The different bets in this category include ones such as:

Straight up bet – a bet on a single number – for example 29 or 7

Split bet– a bet on two numbers next to each-other

Street bet – a be on three numbers in a row

There are numerous other bets in this category – these include the Square bet, Five-Number Line bet and the Six number line bet.

2) Outside Bets

The player places a bet outside of the table layout, such as Red or First 12.The different bets in this category include ones such as:

The Column bet – a bet which covers one of the three vertical columns.

The Dozen bet – a bet on twelve numbers

The Even-Money bet – a bet on eighteen numbers where the chip is situated on one of the following squares: Even, Odd, Red, Black, 1-18 or 19-36