Bingo on Black 22!


Developed in the 18th century in France, roulette is a game of chance whose playing field is a small, wooden wheel with 37 (or 38 in America) “pockets”, numbered the digits 0 through 36 (with roulette wheels in America including a 00 pocket).

First, players place their bets, on either one or multiple pockets. The house representative spins the wheel, then spins a small white ball in the opposite direction. Once the ball loses momentum and eventually settles into one of the pockets, whoever bet on that pocket is given their winnings, and the cycles starts again.

Roulette became one of the top casino games in the 19th century, when it exploded across America and Europe.


The historical game that most closely resembles bingo is the French Le Lotto, from the late 18th century.

Bingo was only standardized in the early 1920s, when the form and rules of the game were solidified by Hugh J. Ward. Ward put the game in carnivals and the like in the areas around Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh.

A man by the name of Edward Lowe eventually brought the game – then called Beano – to New York, and from there is spread across the United States.

Similarities Between the Two

Being games of chance, what really brings both roulette and bingo to life is the social atmosphere that they provide. The format of the games means that the competition between the players is not direct competition, like in traditional sports, but rather an indirect form of competition. In bingo jackpot games as well as roulette, all the players involved are essentially competing against the house, and thus a sort of camaraderie coalesces.

Whereas in a traditional sport like football, two teams are competing directly against one another – one team scoring means that the other team’s defense wasn’t up to the task of stopping them, and this can lead to some animosity between teams.

In roulette and bingo, nothing that happens in the game is personal. One person winning off betting black 22 did not affect the other’s bet of red 11, as the result would have been the same for that second person regardless of the first individual’s bet. In bingo, when one person fills in a square, that doesn’t mean that everyone else failed in some way – others might even have filled in the same square that turn!

This relaxed accepting mindset is part of what makes these two games so enjoyable – they both promote an environment where everyone can win, and all of the players are in it together.

Of course, in all social situations, how enjoyable a time you have is determined by the people you are with, and this is true of both roulette and bingo as well. As long as everyone involved understands the game, the emergent camaraderie and good spirits will ensure that your evening is a pleasant one. So whether you’re playing roulette or bingo, remember – you’re all in it together, so go all in and enjoy yourself.

Always Ignore Previous Results in Roulette

The first thing many people do when they sit down to play roulette at a particular table is look at the previous numbers that have been drawn recently. There is nothing wrong with doing this, however, you should not make the mistake of thinking that these results can help you swing the odds in your favour in the game in any way at all.

It’s a scientific fact that each spin of the wheel in roulette is independent to anything that has happened before it. That means that the odds on an individual number or outside selection coming out next remain exactly the same regardless of how many times it has been drawn recently. A great example of this is with red and black. If the previous nine numbers have all been red, it can be easy to be drawn into the thinking that the chances of the ball landing on a black ball next are bigger. That is not the case though, as the odds on the next number being red are the same as they were before the consecutive run of the same colour.

Given that each spin is independent in roulette, this is one of the reasons as to why the Martingale System can be a dangerous tactic when it comes to how you bet in the game. The theory states that if you keep doubling your stake on outside selections which have odds of even money, the chances are you will find a winning spin. There is no guarantee this will be the case though so if you don’t have a big enough bankroll, you could end up losing everything before you hit that winning spin.

Popularity Of Roulette Continues To Grow

One of the reasons as to why roulette is so popular at the online casino is the unpredictability of the game. If you play long enough, you will have good sessions where everything you hit turns to gold, while in complete contrast, there will also be some occasions where you can spend hours without finding a winning selection.

The online casino room has responded to the roulette’s increase in popularity by offering its customers several varieties of the game to choose from. Betway have 10 different types of the game on their site including a live version which means that those who prefer to use a real dealer and live action roulette table have the option to do so. This makes the game it as realistic as playing in a bricks and mortar casino.

If you choose to play American or French roulette, you have to bear in mind that there is an extra number on the wheel marked 00 as compared to European roulette. This means that if you are playing outside selections, you are best advised to choose European roulette as the odds are more in your favour given there is only one number which does not fall into a category on the table.

Whenever you are unfamiliar with some of the variants of roulette available today, always choose to have a go in the free play mode first. This will allow you to get a feel for the table and what is different from the standard game you will be used to playing. Once you are comfortable, you can then use your own money and play for real inside your casino. On many sites, you can spend as long as you need on the free play mode so do take advantage of this if it is available on the site you are playing on.

If you are new to online roulette, have a look at the promotions and offers available today. The sign-up bonuses are very competitive and generous so you can hopefully get yourself off to a flying start in your opening game of their site.

Roulette Strategy

Roulette is by far the oldest and most popular casino game of chance. The game consists of a betting table layout with numbers from 1 to 36 and a zero (including a double zero in the American version), spinning wheel and a small ball that is dropped into the wheel. It eventually lands on a numbered slot and that number is the winner. Winning bets are paid according to the type and size of bet.

Roulette has many variants nowadays and the most popular ones are European, American and French Roulette. To beat the game and make money, many players have tried different roulette strategies with varying outcomes. A closer preview might provide enough insight to gain advantage for your next spin

Number Placement

To many roulette players, the arrangement of the numbers on the spinning wheel seems random and distributed arbitrary. Obvious patterns are that red numbers alternate with black numbers and often two odd numbers alternate with two even ones. However, numbers are carefully distributed so that the sum of a given section of the wheel is more or less equal to any other section. Therefore, some people believe that placing bets on certain sections on the wheel will favor the player, but without a guarantee for success.

Wheel Tracking

Other players believe that the roulette wheel is biased and has one heavy and one light side. In other words, some numbers on the wheel are hit more frequently than others and that careful tracking can provide a winning strategy. The truth is that roulette wheels are rigorously tested for their weight and their RNG. Most sites, including CasinoUK, place these facts out in the open to avoid such allegations in order to retain their reputation.

Roulette Betting Systems

There are also a couple of roulette betting systems believed to help gamblers win. The oldest and most popular one is the Martingale in which the initial bet is doubled until there is a win; then you go back to the original bet. Reverse Martingale is another progressive roulette betting strategy which is basically just a reverse version of the first one. Another interesting strategy originated from the Italian mathematician known as Fibonacci, who set up an interesting sequence of numbers. Following it, you are predicted to profit even though you’ve lost more times than you’ve won.

The James Bond Strategy

To pay respect to a cinematic gambling enthusiast, the James Bond strategy also found its spot on our list. Understandably so, it was invented by someone other than the fictional character. More precisely, his creator, Mr. Fleming is the brains behind it all. He employs his so-called “foolproff” system which demands $200 as a starting bet. Mr. Fleming recommends splitting them into three parts, putting $140 on high numbers, $50 on numbers 13-18 and the remaining $10 on 0. This way, he leaves out just one third of the wheel and ultimately hopes for a little luck to up his chances of winning

Where to play Jack and the Beanstalk online game

Slots makers are innovating to create the newest hit slot. Players are loving Jack and the Beanstalk, a 3d very modern looking game. It is so popular that players are even choosing which casino to play on based on where to play Jack and the Beanstalk online game . When you’re used to playing against the house edge, it can be fun to feel like you are battling against a massive two headed giant for once. There’s nothing like rooting for the little guy!

Slots can become popular for many different reasons. Jack and the Beanstalk works by being nostalgic, and putting us into the position of being Jack, adventurous enough to take on a giant. As you win the 3d Jack avatar smiles and fist pumps in glee as you gain bags of gold and unlock the keys to a big win. The feeling of climbing up and reaching the final goal is one that pulls us onwards and makes it obvious why the game is so popular.

If you’re lucky enough to win big, you get to watch Jack jump in the air with glee! This slot is created by, one of the leading slot makers worldwide. While it is purely a game of luck it has the possibility of generating some massive wins.

Where to play Double Bubble online game

Why would you ever play at an online casino that does not offer your game of choice? Players want to know before they deposit and play slots whether a casino has their favorite game. For diehard fans where to play Double Bubble online game for example could make or break whether they deposit on an online site.

If online slots in general have about the same chance of winning, then what does it matter which game you play? Having this attitude is a sure fire way for an online casino to fail. Slots players have literally thousands of different options of online casinos to choose from.

Offering a game like Double Bubble is a surefire way to get more customers. Players simply love it. It’s fun, innocent, and has awesome bonuses. The highest quality slots games are often published by exclusive companies, leading to limited availability on sites. Even a massive site like is sorely lacking for those who want to play Double Bubble.

That is the thing about online casinos. You can have a good reputation, a competitive sign up bonus, and still lose out a customer – just because you did not give them the game that they wanted.